The Dangers of Federal Pacific (FPE) Electrical Panels

It is easy to be skeptical when an electrician
tells you that your electrical panel is in need of replacement. There are a lot of commissioned sales guys out there driving trucks that have to meet a certain dollar level each quarter in order to keep their jobs and pay their bills. They up-sell you if they can to make those dollars. But, if any electrician tells you that you have an FPE panel and that it is extremely dangerous, you can take that to the bank. Call ANY electrical inspector or insurance company fire investigator and ask them what they would have you to do and they will tell you to replace it. Some insurers even require it to qualify for home insurance. Just a few days ago, I got a call from a lady who had a small fire in her house under her staircase. The fire department came and put out the fire and the power company turned the power off to the house. I went and found that she had an FPE panel in a closet in the bathroom, both major Codes violations and told her the only way the power company was going to turn her power back on was if she changed out the panel and had an inspection by the state electrical inspector. She simply didn’t have enough money to move the panel and change it out too. Working with the power company fpe_panel2_30577and the inspector, and with the assistance of some good people who donated some money to her, we were able to reach a compromise that made every party happy, replace the panel, fix the fire damage and get her power restored today. She was lucky she was home and awake when the fire broke out in the wall under the stairs. She had NO smoke detectors at all in the house except for ONE battery operated one that the battery was dead in. If you have an FPE panel, PLEASE get it changed out by a licensed electrical contractor. The breakers do not trip reliably as they should when there is a short circuit and are a fire hazard that has cost millions of dollars in losses and loss of lives over the years. We would be happy to give you a quote, free of charge, to do the work for you. But regardless of who does it, just get it done and save yourself a potential electrical fire. You can call us for a free quote on this type of change out and other safety features to protect your life and property at 615-323-9670.

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